Stays-Hard Q&A

Is the Stays-Hard easy to attach?

The Stays-Hard is very easy to attach and can be done by either partner in a matter of seconds.

Will my partner feel any discomfort?

No. From our extensive testing and customer feedback the Stays-Hard is practically imperceptible to both partners.

Can lubricant be used with the Stays-Hard?

Yes. Lubricants are encouraged. Both silicone and water based lubricants may be applied with the Stays-Hard.

Will the Stays-Hard work for me if I have had my prostate removed?

Absolutely, the Stays-Hard has been designed to be an effective device for men who have had their prostates removed or that have had prostate surgery.

How long can I perform intercourse with the Stays-Hard?

With the Stays-Hard you can enjoy intercourse any time you wish and for as long as you desire.

Can I ejaculate with the Stays-Hard attached?

Yes. The Stays-Hard is snug enough to hold you extended while flaccid or partially erect but does not effect blood flow or semen flow.

Can I continue using the Stays-Hard once I have ejaculated?

Yes. The Stays-Hard allows you to continue enjoying intercourse even after ejaculation, this is particularly desired by our customers who suffer from Premature Ejaculation.

I have been thinking about using pills, pumps, injectables and/or surgery to help my problem, why is the Stays-Hard a better option?

The Stays-Hard has no side effects, is much safer, much less expensive and the Stays-Hard allows you to have intercourse within a matter of seconds. Many other treatments available have a host of unwanted side effects, can be extremely expensive, and in some cases have very poor results.

Can I use the Stays-Hard if I don't have an ED issue?

Absolutely, the Stays-Hard can be worn as a solution for Peyronie's Disease (curvature of the penis) and premature ejaculation.

Is the Stays-Hard safe?

Yes. Each of the Stays-Hard is manufactured in the UK to the highest standards, using medically approved materials, and has no side effects whatsoever.

What is Stays-Hard made from?

Stays-Hard is made from spring steel coated with a medical grade thermo-plastic tubing, making it lightweight, comfortable, easy to use and pleasurable for both partners.

Do you ship internationally?

Absolutely, we ship all over the Globe, if you do not see your country of residence available in our shipping options please email us at

How does the Stays-Hard actually work?

The Stays-Hard device provides support to a flaccid or partially flaccid penis. By elongating the penis it allows for increased blood flow, assisting a natural erection.

How much is the Stays-Hard device?

We are offering the Stays-Hard at a special price of £49.95 + postage (or equivalent in your local currency). You can order directly from the website:

Does the Stays-Hard come in different sizes?

Stays-Hard is available in a range of sizes. To accurately measure (comfortably stretched or erect) penis length for sizing, measure from the pubic bone to the tip of the penis:

Size A: 3.5-4.75 inches // 8.9-12.1 cm

Size B: 4.75-5.75 inches // 12.1-14.6 cm

Size C: 5.75-6.75 inches // 14.6-17.1 cm

Size D: 6.75-7.75 inches // 17.1-19.7 cm

The Stays-Hard also offers additional size flexibility of up to 0.25 inches // 0.64 cm either way.

Stays-Hard can also be made in bespoke sizes, so please contact us directly if you fall outside the stated size range.

Any questions: contact us directly at

How do I fit the Stays-Hard?

Detailed fitting instructions can be found on our how to use page ( A copy of these instructions will also be included with your purchase.

How is the Stays-Hard device packaged/shipped?

The product is shipped in 100% discreet packaging.

Any additional questions? Please contact us on +44 (0)800 410 2888 or email us at