Fitting the Stays-Hard

Sizing guide for Stays-Hard

Stays-Hard is available in a range of sizes. To accurately measure (stretched or erect) penis length for sizing, measure from the pubic bone to the tip of the penis:

Size A: 3.5-4.75 inches // 8.9-12.1 cm

Size B: 4.75-5.75 inches // 12.1-14.6 cm

Size C: 5.75-6.75 inches // 14.6-17.1 cm

Size D: 6.75-7.75 inches // 17.1-19.7 cm

The Stays-Hard also offers additional flexibility of up to 0.25 inches // 0.64 cm either way.

Stays-Hard can also be made in bespoke sizes, so please contact us directly if you fall outside the stated size range.

Any questions: contact us directly at

Usage and Care for Stays-Hard

Stays-Hard is not a contraceptive device, but can be used in conjunction with a Condom. 

Stays-Hard is fitted following the guidelines illustrated at the top of this page.  

After usage Stays-Hard can be cleaned under a running tap with warm soapy water and is durable up to 6 months. We also suggest washing the device when first removing it from its protective plastic packaging.

Stays-Hard is shipped in totally discreet packaging.

Please see our Q&A page for additional information.