Fitting the Stays-Hard

Sizing guide for Stays-Hard

Stays-Hard is available in a range of sizes. To accurately measure (comfortably stretched or erect) penis length for sizing, measure from the pubic bone to the tip of the penis:

Size A: 3.5-4.75 inches // 8.9-12.1 cm

Size B: 4.75-5.75 inches // 12.1-14.6 cm

Size C: 5.75-6.75 inches // 14.6-17.1 cm

Size D: 6.75-7.75 inches // 17.1-19.7 cm

The Stays-Hard also offers additional flexibility of up to 0.25 inches // 0.64 cm either way.

Stays-Hard can also be made in bespoke sizes, so please contact us directly if you fall outside the stated size range.

Any questions: contact us directly at

Usage & Care for Stays-Hard

Stays-Hard is not a contraceptive device, but can be used in conjunction with a Condom. 

Stays-Hard is fitted following the guidelines illustrated at the top of this page.  

After usage Stays-Hard can be cleaned under a running tap with warm soapy water. We also suggest washing the device when first removing it from its protective plastic packaging.

Dependent upon usage it may be advisable to replace the device every 6 months or as necessary.

Please see our Q&A page for additional information. 

Ordering & Shipping for Stays-Hard

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