Drone Delivery Set for 2017

London, UK: Tyna International Limited is delighted to announce that Stays-Hard is set to become available via drone delivery in 2017. We are currently in initial but positive discussions with independent aviation organiations based in Colorado and California, and have approached Amazon with the same objective. Negotiations are expected to continue into the early part of 2017. 

We are hopeful that feasibility testing will commence by July 2017 and that, subject to all applicable US legislation, Stays-Hard may become available by drone delivery in select US destinations in December 2017. We are working towards complete US distribution, except for Hawaii and Alaska, by 2020, and Europe-wide distribution by 2021. 

An app will enable consumers to purchase Stays-Hard from the comfort of their own home, or from any other location; our aim is to deliver the product to their doorstep, or to any other location within the delivery zone, in 60 minutes or less.

Founder and managing director of Tyna International Limited, Richard Wylie, explains: “Drone delivery, and aviation technology generally, represents a genuine opportunity for the consumer to purchase and receive goods at the click of a button and to their doorstep within an hour.

“The ability to purchase Stays-Hard using an app, and to have the product delivered to your door saves, will save our customers the hassle in ordering it online, and the unnecessary wait they will encounter.

“Moreover, it will save any embarrassment that may occur from having to purchase to a similar but inferior product from a pharmacy or specialist outlet.

“Our aim is to support those individuals who require penile support immediately – for any unplanned, or otherwise anticipated, occasion.”

Mr Wylie adds: “We are in early talks with a number of carriers, and we have also approached Amazon. Those potential partners represent the very best of cutting-edge drone technology.

“Save for applicable flight laws, which in some States and countries do present a challenge, we foresee no legitimate reason why Stays-Hard, and other products within our range, will not be available in select destinations in 2017, and in the UK, France, Germany, Spain and Italy, amongst other potential territories, by 2021.”

To learn more about our drone deliveries, contact Mr Richard Wylie via email: info@stays-hard.com